Sunday Shoes 3 -mixy matchy

As wedding season is on the brink of being in full swing, I’m on the look out for new flat shoes to wear on wedding days so when I was looking at bridesmaids dresses and saw these from Dessy, I thought I’d love one of each for myself never mind for bridesmaids. They are just […]

Tabletop Garlands

Weddings are getting a little more lush again. The vintage trend was great. It was sweet and served its purpose during the downturn of the economy allowing us to upcycle items, reuse things and quite simply make them beautiful and useful again. We then moved into a more rustic feeling which is still definitely on […]

Plus Sized Wedding Gowns

Every bride is perfect. Like me though, she may not be a perfect size 8 or 10 or whatever the magazines, stores or television industry portrays as the ‘perfect’ figure these days. I’m not a small person and will never be what anyone would call thin or slender. I loved my wedding dress {by Pronovias} […]