2013 Review year

Wow! What a year 2013 has been. Challenging but successful as our busiest year yet and I really didn’t expect it.

We moved home and office, there were photo shoots, lots of bride meetings, trips up and down the country, many many more Skype calls, a rebrand and full new website {which I’m still getting used to!}, we worked with some super totally amazing and talented wedding suppliers in the most stunning locations and more importantly, we helped 23 couples have the best day of their lives.

I’m looking back at my wall calendar with all of the colour-coded notes, comments and away dates and can’t help but wonder how I fit it all in. Then look at my encouragement board and remember how it’s all worth it!

2013 wall calendar review yearPretty nice huh?

Also, it was a great year personally. I set some personal goals and feel like I achieved those along the way in addition to the business goals.

So to get to the point,

Thanks to all of my couples, your families and the vendors and suppliers I worked with this year. I hope you all feel as positive about 2013 as I and that you have an even more amazing 2014 {cacan’t believe I’m even typing 2014!}!


champagne toasting the 2013 review year



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