Oscar Style

Yes I love love love the Oscars. And even though I didn’t get to actually watch it last night {stupid TV channels!} I did stay up to watch the red carpet glamour and there was some serious fabulousness. There are 2 gowns that are my personal favorites and they couldn’t be more different. The first […]

Irish Castles for Sale

Do you even come across a website and just become fascinated by it? I do! And not always a wedding or design websites. This week I found Former Glory. A website for people with an interest in a period property in Ireland, including Irish castles, churches, barns, mills, Georgian & Victorian houses, schoolhouses, railway stations, […]

Saturday Quickie – kelly swallow chairs

Today’s post is a bit off-topic. But then I allow myself to go a bit off-topic on a Saturday. I talk about style a lot here on Day Dreamin and certainly, everyone has their own style. Well, I saw these fabulous Kelly Swallow chairs and fell in love with them. I’d love to have one […]

Let Them Eat Pie!

Pie! Wha?? I’m an all American girl {you know, apple pie and all that} so I do love the Pie tables that some of the American weddings are having. You know, it’s just like a candy display or sweets or cake display but with all American Pies! Feast your eyes! {Source} {source} {Source} {Source} And […]