Celtic Promise

Jewelry is often a part of the poignant moments of our lives. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings as well as marking memories of special places and happy times. It’s because of that I am sure that many of my couples choose Celtic jewelry like wedding bands or gifts for their bridal party. Rich in meaning, history, and […]

The Week Of

….your wedding is a busy time. Or maybe I should say it can be but doesn’t have to be. The last 4 weeks for me have been full of weddings so I wanted to tell you what you should be doing during that time. Note that many of you will have more to do, some […]

A Few Basic Things I Can’t Live Without

I carry a lot of things with me on a wedding day. Some may seem bizarre {a full 3m x 3m gazebo} but there are some basic things which are good to have on hand in case you see a space that just ‘needs something’. Believe me when I say that I’m not terribly crafty. […]

Saturday Quickie – Plan

With every wedding I do, I either learn a little something new or something I already knew becomes blatantly clear again. This past week is no different so I am going to pass it on. What I am sharing with you today is not rocket science. Far from it, it’s more like common sense. Here […]

The Heartbeat Rings Please

We go on holidays to other countries to experience, see and do new things, don’t we? So of course when I am away, I pick up the local wedding magazines. Why not? Even if they aren’t in a language I know it’s still easy enough to figure out. So on holiday in the Netherlands a […]