Saturday Quickie

Another great idea from Martha. Have your vows written in calligraphy for framing later. What a beautiful reminder of what you mean to each other.

A Dingle Engagement Session

Karen and Cian are a creative and funloving Dingle couple. Into art, music, and musicals, both Karen and Cian have said that they are fascinated by each other’s talents  “give Cian piano and I’ll listen to him sing for hours and he loves watching me paint!”. So poppiesandme styled a musically influenced { Dingle engagement } […]

Wedding Villages

Wedding venues are shifting styles. We know that. Well, those of us who pay attention do anyway. Things started in the typical hotel wedding {and actually most still are} then we see a shift to Castle venues {who doesn’t want to get married in a castle?}, to private manor houses. I’m not saying these venues […]


I get asked about wedding cakes a lot as you can imagine. To some it is important, to others, it just isn’t a priority. For the ones that will have a cake, they want a nontraditional soft iced cake and they want it to taste good. One of my brides said to me once, “I […]

Summer Camp Wedding

This is just about the most super creative and personal wedding I have seen in, gosh, I don’t’ know how long. Ever maybe? Let me set the scene. This is Trishia & Justin’s wedding with all of the details perfectly captured by Jodi & Kurt {totally adorable in their own right} of Jodi Miller Photography. […]