Pails In Comparison

What is it with me and galvanized pails lately? I want them everywhere! Not used and rustic looking. Shiny and new! You can use them for everything! Totally obsessed. I don’t know. But look! You can get tiny ones for little flowers, single buds or individual favors Tall ones for tall dramatic flower arrangements Big […]

Bathroom Baskets

You want your guests to feel at home. Comfortable, relaxed and have all the amenities they could want while they are away from home. Then don’t forget the bathroom baskets. For the ladies and the men! Super simple and a really nice treat. Make a list of items like the one below and just pick […]

5 Of My Fav……Clutches

Always so elegant. Whether it is for a wedding or an evening out. Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid or a guest. Lovely clutches add a finishing touch to your outfit. In fact I had a bride recently who wasn’t into flowers and her maids carried lovely clutches instead. And why not?? Here are […]

Custom Wedding Shoes

Normally I do shoes on a Sunday {as you may know} but these are a bit different. Emmy shoes are custom wedding shoes and because of that, I had to show you more than just one so thought they deserve their own full post. Emmy is based in Islington, London. You can visit the shop […]

Milk & Cookies

Unfortunately I can?t say this is my own idea. Martha Stewart featured them , I saw them on Four Weddings and certainly once the dessert and sweets tables started showing up this was a natural progression. The milk & cookies table {or bar or station or whatever you want to call it} is an idea […]