What Day is it??-Christmas

I’m going to do the Saturday quickie today, which I think is actually Sunday. **shakes head** Anyway, a quickie on what to do with those leftovers. Turkey Mexican Soup or I have used this recipe with turkey and it makes a super yummy Tortilla Soup (as above) I saw this weeks ago and saved it. […]

All I Want for Christmas……

This is for real. I might do a post later on all the fancy, pretty and fantasy items I’d love to see under my tree later, but for now I am being totally selfish {and seriously hopeful} because these are things I really really want. I’m hoping my husband and parents see it. Or any […]

Getting Married In Ireland, How to get married in Ireland

Getting Married In Ireland There is so much information floating around on the ole Internet about getting married in Ireland. But do you know what kills me? It’s not always right. And I get sooooo many emails from couples who are so confused because they are reading about residency, giving notice and how to do […]

Irish Wedding Castles – Lough Cutra

Lough Cutra Getting married in a Manor House or Castle is a dream and there really is nothing as romantic. A while back I started a series of posts on Irish Castles and Manor Houses for weddings. I got through a few of them but by no means all of them. That would take a […]

Saturday Quickie-Color Blends

The colors in this styled shoot caught me straight away. I love the way the variety of color blends. Love it! And I found it it was shot at a private estate in Palos Verdes Ca, very near where I am from and of course all the more special. There are a few links where […]