Twigs and Honey

Veils, headpieces, and headbands are getting very creative these days. So feminine and vintagey and lovely. I wish I knew I had these options when I got married because I didn’t want to wear a veil {just not me} or a tiara {sooooo, not me}. These lovelies are from Twigs & Honey and if they […]

keep calm and carry on

You try and try. You have put every ounce of energy into the precise planning of your perfect wedding. Then someone drops a wrench into the works of your well-oiled machine. Listen, things will happen. Sometimes just a little glitch during the planning process will throw even the most stable bride into a panic. Keep […]

Jessica Hische – Letterpress Alphabet Prints

Can I do a post for me? Well, sort of for me. It’s what I love but wants to share. My love for letterpress has been established, but I also love typography and fonts. It is amazing to me. So Creative and useful! One of my favorites is Jessica Hische. A designer/illustrator based in Brooklyn. […]

Photo Booths

Some of you who regularly cruise the blogosphere may have seen these already but I thought for a little Saturday post it would be perfect. And I want to make sure all of my readers have seen it too. I love them and still think this is the perfect wedding photo booths. Credits first – […]

Always Look Up-Lighting

Look Up-Lighting I was ashamed of myself at the weekend. I was meeting with one of my couples and the florist and as we did the walk-around of the venue, the groom looked up. He said ‘can we have something hanging down from the ceiling?’ I couldn’t believe that I had left it to the […]