Traditional Menswear

Traditional Menswear Are tuxedoes on the way out? Morning suits, gone?  I can’t really say. Everyone has their own style and their own sense of tradition. What I can say is that unlike other fashion they have not changed much in many {many} years. I’ll cover the etiquette and rules with you here so you […]

Nude Inspiration

Nude inspiration and soft muted colors for this country’s inspiration board.

Bridal Lingerie – The Foundation

Foundations are important. You need a strong foundation for your relationship, your house, and your bridal lingerie. Strange analogy? Not really. Support is support anywhere and to look fantastic in the perfect dress you looked so hard for is important. You don’t want bumps and bulges, and even if you are lucky enough to be […]

The M- word. Budget

Money. Nobody seems to like talking about it but it is essential. If you are one of those rare brides who does not have to look at price tags then you can stop reading here but for everyone else, brides and vendors alike, please keep reading. I reckon there are 3 types of brides when […]

Wedding Signs

Ok, these are fun. Useful and fun and easy. Let your guests know what is happening where with wedding signs. I have done weddings where the venue has a member of staff {and even I have} to direct guests to the wedding ceremony, the drinks reception and dinner. Herding guests is not fun and the […]