I get asked about wedding cakes a lot as you can imagine. To some it is important, to others it just isn’t a priority. For the ones that will have a cake, they want a  non traditional soft iced cake and they want it to taste good. One of my brides said to me once, “I want a cake that looks like a cake.” But that isn’t for everyone. Some want the wow cake so I’m going to look at a few trends that hopefully will keep everyone happy or at least inspired. I’ll start with the soft frosted.

wedding cake{source Wedding Bee}

wedding cake{photo by Adam Lerner}

This gives a homemade feel and are lovely for a relaxed intimate wedding. I’ll move on to individual cakes.

wedding cake(source}

wedding cake{Source The Knot}

I love the idea of doing one cake per table at your wedding. Either as a centerpiece or placed there whole after the meal for your guests to cut and serve family style. Maybe add some vanilla cream or fresh fruit to serve with it.

Unequal tiers

{Source, Sweet and Saucy}

{Source The Knot}

More formal but still really fun. I love the height you get from a double stacked tier. And hand painted cakes


{Source Superfine Bakery}


I’m pretty much in love with all of the hand painted wedding cakes I have seen. No matter how elaborate or simple they are stunning and individual. Really gorgeous and I could go on and on about these so just Google them to see how many gorgeous images you come up with.

Which one would you choose?

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