How To Budget For Your Wedding

I could say, “The answer to that is easy, how much do you have? “and sign off. But noooooooo. It is vital that you both sit how to discuss this. Setting the budget for your wedding could also be your first encounter with family diplomacy. Modern weddings don’t use the old etiquette ‘who pays for […]

Vintage Furniture Rentals in Ireland

A little while ago I did a blog post on vintage furniture rentals company, found, in America and did a little winging because we need something like that in Ireland. Well at the time I also said I may be on to something here and sure enough I have them. They are Historic Interiors, a […]

Apothecary Jars-Victorian Lace and Cake-stands!

{source} My fascination with apothecary jars started a long time ago. I think because I love antiques and apothecary jars seemed easy to find and cheap enough to purchase. They are just gorgeous for a home. Now though, you see them everywhere for weddings too! On sweets tables, filled with flowers and as decor, even […]

Wedding Timeline- Bridal Party Responsibilities

I have a wedding this week and although I always give a detailed timeline, it can be difficult to go through with everyone exactly what their rolls are within the Bridal party. They do have traditional roles and bridal party responsibilities from the start though, that you should expect of them. You have chosen your […]

Beef or Salmon – Keeping you and your guests happy

Photo Credit Steve Sole Personally I think there are two different types of couples with wedding planning, although you could have one of each type within a couple (the need to compromise is paramount if this is the case). There are the throw-it-to-the-wind-we-do-what–we-like-this-is-our-day type and the more cautions we-want-to-please-everyone-and-make-sure-they-have-a-great-day type. I am absolutely the first […]