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There is not much I love more than a cocktail {Ok, my husband and my dog of course, but they understand why they come in a close second 😉  } so when I saw these little lovelies I was a little elated. A cocktail to go when you are on the go.


They are Airline approved bring on board cocktail kits for flights. EEEE! From W&P designs and Punch, each kit contains the makings of two yummy cocktails so when that Fasten Seatbelt sign comes on and no cabin crew is in sight you can still have your cocktail and drink it too.

Choose from yummy cocktails like Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, Classic G&T or even Champagne Cocktail.

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Great for stressed out destination brides on the way to your destination or just as part of an emergency kit on the wedding day.  Also stylish enough to give as gifts or stocking stuffers.


Fantabulous. I away on a flight shortly and just love them! Can’t wait now. Cheers!



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