Pails In Comparison

What is it with me and galvanized pails lately? I want them everywhere! Not used and rustic looking. Shiny and new! You can use them for everything! Totally obsessed. I don’t know. But look!

You can get tiny ones for little flowers, single buds or individual favours

Pails In Comparison

Tall ones for tall dramatic flower arrangements

Pails In Comparison

Big ones for wine šŸ™‚ or bottled beers. Just grab em out of the ice and open!

Medium ones for larger favours, ceremony programs, bathroom baskets, parasols, flip flops, pasminas, anything!All of the pails above are from Galvanized Pails based in the US of A and come in every shape size and color. And they are cheap!

But wait! Want to go a little fancier? I can hardly contain myself! {no pun intended} Have a lookie here at these babies from The Macbeth Collection. You choose the product and them the design you want on it. Even add a monogram, typeface or icon. There are millions of patterns and colors to choose from so these are just a tiny sample.

Yup. Pretty crazy about them. Again they can be found at The Macbeth Collection.

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