Mix It Up

Mix It Upne thing that is so fun about style recently is that we are not afraid to mix things up a bit any more. for weddings this means that the Bridesmaids don’t have to match, the ribbons aren’t exactly the same color as the napkins and the centerpieces are mix and match. It’s the same at home. Housewares have gone much  more eclectic too.

I love lots of little items in different colors and textures. Some of them are for the table and some of them for hanging {which I love!} It is so much more interesting to the eye and these little bud vases from Chive.com are perfect for just that. Chive believes in simple design to show off the beauty of the flower. I think the designs are just so pretty themselves but here, you decide.

Mix It UpMix It Up

Simple, adorable and so fresh feeling.

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